What’s the deal with cost?

The cost of creating a website is often confusing because the price can vary and seem obscure to people without a background in web development and design. Every day, a new drag and drop website builder like Weebly or Squarespace shows up that let’s you create a cheap site within minutes, so it can become difficult to understand why some agencies charge thousands (or even tens of thousands) of dollars in order to develop a site.

Old Cost Model

You can read more about the differences between Squarespace and the typical site a web design agency creates in our other blog post, but here we’re hoping to break down how pricing tends to work for the average mid-sized to large agency. If you’re a business owner and you live in a moderately large city, there is a good chance that a medium to large web agency exists. The old model for staffing one of these agencies was to break each individual aspect of web design & development into a different position. For example, if you find your local web agency, you can go to their team page and chances are you will see multiple project managers, developers, UX designers, SEO specialists, and graphic designers. This means that when you begin to develop a site you end up paying for more than one of these individuals. Don’t get us wrong; there is a time and place to have various types of employees on a project. If the project is complex, then it may be necessary to separate and delegate individual aspects of that project.

New dog, new tricks

The new model argues that having a separate staff position for each one of these areas is unnecessary a majority of the time. If your company is not large enough to have its own IT department, then there is little chance the projects you will need will require nearly the amount of employees previously needed. Today, there are an astounding number of online resources available that help consolidate some of the positions previously needed. Instead of having a separate SEO specialist, a company can use an online resource for a fraction of the cost. Project management becomes easier with video conferencing and task management software that enables more transparent communication. Whereas you may have previously needed four software developers to create your application, new software development tools allow for more agile coding that speeds up the process and increases the reliability of the project.

Here at Halieo

Halieo takes advantage of this new model by consolidating several of these old positions into one. Instead of talking to a project manager who then relays the information to the designers/developers, you talk directly with the designer and the developer. All of our project managers are either designers or developers. This allows our project managers to be deeply integrated into the development of the site and ensures that the picture you had in your head for your project doesn’t get lost in translation. Instead of paying for a ten-person team to develop your site with unnecessary overhead, you work with three individuals who are passionate about making your project come to life. That way, we are able to produce beautiful projects for a fraction of the cost of the large agencies.

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