Current Landscape

Today, launching a site is much easier than it was 5 or 10 years ago. You can log on to Squarespace or Weebly and get a site going in a few minutes. There are some who think these new companies are leading an agency like ours to be obsolete. This is far from the case and there is certainly room for both in the future.

So, how do you know what to use? Basically, if you are making a simple site with content that doesn’t change often, then something like Squarespace might be the best option for you. Squarespace has been wildly popular for couples’ wedding websites. Couples can create a simple site and they rarely need to make changes to it after they release it. If you want a quick and easy site that is static, chances are an online framework like those would fit you well. But, most websites today are rarely ever that simple.

Another aspect to consider is design. Drag and drop website building tools like these rely on templated layouts, which means that thousands of people are using the same templates. Yes, these templates make it easy and quick to launch a site for those less design/tech savvy, but it also makes your site less recognizable in a sea of similar looking websites. But if competition isn’t a concern or if budget is tight, then those limitations might not be a priority.

Where a Web Design Agency Excels

A web development agency focuses more on developing entire projects for customers that need more dynamic content or use complex logic. Most businesses are going to want to go to a web development agency because:

1) It saves them the time and effort it would take to make the site themselves.

2) They are more concerned with a product that is secure, fast, and serves all of their needs.

3) They want a custom design that fits the feel of their business and doesn’t feel manufactured or duplicative.

Business owners rarely ever have extra time. So, spending that time on trying to figure out a bug in the software is not worthwhile when that time could be better spent doing other things that raise revenue.

There are countless stories of companies who tried to set things up themselves and found that the results end up costing them more in the long run. A web development agency is perfect for people who don’t want to deal with any of the complexities of starting their own website and would rather have an on-call IT team they can reach out to when additional services are needed at a rapid pace. This makes them perfect for rebranding efforts and growth initiatives because businesses can outsource all of this work, while they focus on building their company through additional means.

Here at Halieo

Halieo is uniquely situated for this kind of work because we are an agile team with skills encompassing a multitude of areas and interpersonal skills to ensure your project is done with your goals and desires in mind. We offer everything from custom WordPress sites and web applications, to design and branding. We do work in number of areas including: Quincy, Burlington, Peoria, Quad Cities, and pretty much anywhere else! Contact us today!