We are the team behind Halieo, a remote creative team logging hours as we work from a small cabin in western Illinois (think Macomb, Galesburg, Quad Cities area). It may not have plumbing or running water, but we think it’s pretty neat and a great working environment.

Halieo was created out of a passion for producing high-quality work for great companies.

You can tell a lot about a person from the way they approach their work. We see our work as a direct reflection of who we are as individuals. A project is not just a task to complete for our team. Our design, development, and management is rooted in empathy and producing the best product for our clients. Our chief goal is to increase the value that our clients can offer to their customers. However, if we don’t believe in a company or what it stands for, we won’t take on their project. Integrity is something that is built over years and can be lost in seconds. We want to build value for companies who are benefiting their communities and society.

cabin-photoHalieo’s little cabin in the woods

If we approach a client about a project, it’s because we can get excited about what they are doing. It is not just that we think we can make a difference in the business; it’s that we can make a difference for the people who interact with that business on a daily basis.

Our collective experiences working at a variety of design and software development agencies is what led to the development of Halieo. In most larger companies, the designers and developers end up having little say about who they’re working with and the projects they’re assigned. How motivated can you be about a project when you have little interaction with the client and end users?

So, what makes us different?

We are fully remote. This means that we can leverage the power of technology to extend our reach in sourcing the best talent from across the world. So, whenever we take on projects that require more than six hands, we know the most skilled people for the job. It means that we are flexible, being able to adapt quickly without needing to re-train or update a full team of people who may or may not ever actually interact with the project. And, without the constraints of an official brick and mortar establishment, we are able to travel to various client locations and work on-site for any given amount of time. Clients can have web and branding projects completed right under their roof, with full involvement in the process.

We are a team of three core people. We’re a big believer in utilizing the vast resources available to us online and remaining lean. We’ve all been on projects that have 10+ people that ended up taking months and resulted in numerous unnecessary headaches. Today, when you are making a simple web or mobile application, you don’t need two designers, four developers, an SEO specialist, and a project manager. We know the most up-to-date software available in order to speed up development and reduce costs for our clients.

Meet the brains behind the scenes: 


Elle | Creative Director

Passionate, motivated, and a bit of a perfectionist, Elle is easily excited by all things creative. With 7+ years of experience, she believes that good design should always serve a purpose, evoke an emotion, and be as simple as possible. She holds a BA in Graphic Design from Flagler College and has worked with design agencies internationally.


Chase | Digital Director

Eclectic and multidisciplinary, Chase has experience in just about every area of web development and design. Emerging into the entrepreneurial scene at a young age, he started his first business designing t-shirts and leveraging technology to engage with his customers all around the world. Since then, he has dedicated his time to staying on top of constantly revolving tech trends. He holds a BA in Broadcasting Production as well as a BB in Accounting from Western Illinois University.


Gatlin | Software Developer

Albeit, with a slightly different set of tools, Gatlin’s childhood dream of being a carpenter has finally come to fruition. He is our JavaScript craftsman and is in charge of the server stack/hosting. He holds a BA in Theology from Wheaton College. Outside of work, Gatlin enjoys running, spending time with his beautiful fiancée, and joyfully seeking to glorify Christ.

Now that we got those formal introductions out of the way, we can start blogging about various digital and design trends, advice for small businesses, and loads of fun stuff. We’ll continue to update this blog every week.

We can’t wait to meet you! Want to talk now? Contact us today!